Our Mission

We wanted to create an impactful brand, aiming to create premium hand crafted gifts whilst maintaining the highest sustainable and ethical values. These core-values are at forefront of our brand ethos and are considered in each and every decision we make.

Established and situated in Harefield a village in the London Borough of Hillingdon, we wanted our business to reflect this; local, hand crafted premium goods yet reasonably priced.

Humble Beginnings

In March 2021, El started crafting and making candles.

"As a direct result of being furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I needed something to focus on and put my attention to."

What started as a hobby soon evolved into a small obsession, theres certainly a science behind making candles. Simply putting a greater volume of essential oil does not mean greater scent throw as particular wax types can only hold so much.

Initial candle making.

Fine Tuning

As the obsession grew both Rhys and El begun researching the art of candle making; from wax types to wick sizes, melt pools to scent throw.

This, along with good old fashioned trial and error led to our "Signature Soy Candle" and a product we knew was good enough to bring to market, quite literally!

Once the scented candle was mastered El moved over to finessing the decorative range!

Perfecting the craft.

Product Development

With El at the heart of candle creation, Rhys' focus and attention was on the product and brand development. Creating the label design, CLP compliant labelling and other elements to ensure we had a premium range of products that we'd be proud to sell.

Initial Prototype.

To Market

Starting with just 4 scented soy candles (Lavender Field, Baked Apple, Vanilla Bean and Sweet Orange), our initial range of decorative candles (aptly named after local street names) and a handful or wax melts, we signed up to our first local craft market in Chalfont.

We also created our social media platforms and e-commerce website.

Our first market, Chalfont St Peter.


We learned and adapted swiftly during the initial few months of trading. Expanding our scented soy wax candle range to feature a number of new scents and continuing to evolve with our mission and ethos in mind.

We were grateful to meet a number of new customers at different markets throughout the Christmas period, many of whom have returned.

Christmas Market, Chalfont St Giles.


After a successful start to selling candles and wax melts we expanded our product range further; including a premium aromatherapy range and reed diffusers. We also implemented improvemts to our market setup.


We're continuing to innovate inline with our sustainable/environmentally conscious ethos, keep an eye on out for further developments!