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Harefield Candle Co.

Bamboo Burner

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Our Bamboo Burner is perfect for burning your wax melts or oils. The burner is made of natural bamboo, which is environmentally friendly and fits well into our ethos. The burner comes with a white ceramic bowl which is detachable making it easy to clean after use and has a large capacity making it easy to hold high quantities of wax melts or oil.

There is a perfect height between the candle flame to the bowl, allowing a burn time of up to 5 hours, giving you more hours of fragrance. This burner also comes with a candle spoon with handle which makes it easy to place in and pull out, the groove on the base helps to fix the tray and prevent it from sliding during use.

Simply put your wax melt/oil into the top ceramic dish, light a tea light in the bottom candle spoon and enjoy!